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powder detergent

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We manufacture and see the product based on our self accumulated technology. Also we manufacture more environmentally friendly high concentrated powder detergent facilities. Our factory can supply 20,000tons different type powderd detergent every year with various packing types by OEM and ODM.


A. High concentrated detergent

  • Sterilizing and bleaching at the same time. Experience 99.9%

  • sterilization of harmful germs and outstanding cleaning power

  • that separately bleaches unnecessary.

    B.Non fluorescent detergent(NF detergent)

  • No use fluorescent agent in powdered detergent.

  • Can use infant goods and fabric for sensitive skin.

    C. Multi-purpose cleaner

  • Use in the all-household affair.

    The other detergent

1.     Basket cleaner : Safely and effectively remove lime scale, soap scum and iron stains from the inside of washing machine.

2.     Dish washer detergent : Double enzyme system help penetrate and break down dried residues like rice and egg and active oxygen remove stain and sterilize dishes thoroughly.

3.     ECO- detergent : environmentally-friendly detergent

4.     Oxygen bleach : Large amount of active oxygen eliminate not only microbes hiding in every nook of fabric but also any unpleasant smells.